View The Sydney 2010 Album

Sydney 2010

Highlights of Life & Love Reaffirmed

View The Nantucket 2010 Album

Nantucket 2010

Thanksgiving fun with family and friends. Nantucket in November is magic. Cold and slightly creepy as the wind wistles through the empty tree branches. Even creepier walking along the cobblestone streets at night, with not a soul in sight, yet the sound of footsteps walking behind you. Christmas trees lining Main Street; a town crier and tree lighting ceremony. A ghost in our house and vice president in our midst. Best of all worlds!

View The Cuba 2010 - 2012 Album

Cuba 2010 - 2012

This is an evocative and totally engaging country best visited before everyone else gets there.

View The Favorite Travel Photos Album

Favorite Travel Photos

Pics that grab my attention - either color, subject or funny!

View The Bali 2011 Album

Bali 2011

Surf camp!

View The Lesley's Journeys Album

Lesley's Journeys

Highlights of a well-worn traveler

View The London 2012 Album

London 2012

A great time on a fam to London living the high life.

View The Cambodia 2009 Album

Cambodia 2009

Highlights of an evocative country.


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