Sleek New Riverboats Sail the Amazon

0-Aqua-Expeditions-Amazon-Cruiser-yatzerImagine discovering places only a fortunate few have ever visited,  traveling deep into the mystical Amazon rainforest, exploring the unexplored, while floating in luxury on board your own private five star home. Imagine that – together with impeccable service, adventure and great food.

Aqua Expeditions is the brainchild of Francesco Galli Zugaro, a true connoisseur in every sense with years of experience in international high end tourism. In always wanting to create luxurious water cruising on the world’s’ greatest rivers, the Amazon was a natural first for one of the world’s great destinations in which to do it.

Designed by Peruvian architect Jordi Puig for Aqua Expeditions, the Aqua Amazon and the Aria Amazon, constitute the only uber-luxury boats that in fact sail down the Amazon. With 12 and 16 suites respectively, they are like floating 5-star luxurious hotels, with panoramic views thanks to the large windows that have been incorporated throughout their exterior facades.

What a great incentive experience!

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