Do You Have an incurable Case of Wanderlust?

Jumby Bay, AntiguaDo you find yourself daydreaming about far-off destinations?  Or looking up airfares to exotic locales, just for the fun of it?  Then you probably have the incurable disease that has affected so many of us – wanderlust.  The folllwing article in the Huffington Post offers the 19 signs that point to a stage 4 case of wanderlust.  See where you net out.

“There is no heart as restless as the traveler’s. Curious explorers live in perpetual pursuit of the next adventure, whether it’s merely skipping to the next town over in search of a new place to eat or traversing the globe to climb mountains that they’ve only seen in magazines.

Equipped with phrasebooks, sunburnt skin and open hearts, they journey through the corners of the world, tasting new flavors, experiencing new cultures and maybe even understanding a bit of humanity along the way. They are pioneers of experience, expert walkers who enjoy getting lost for the hell of it, outgoing strangers always looking for a new friend.

Travelers have an insatiable thirst, an insistent itch, an inconsolable longing. Below, the 19 signs you may have an incurable case of wanderlust.”

Click here for the full article.

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