Networking at 35,000 feet? Hmmm.

Innovation ClassAsk anyone in the travel biz, and they’ll shudder with anxiety and pop a preemptive xanax when having to work with Delta Airlines.  Delta’s customer service model is dated and about as effective as their on-time take-off record.  Which is why their new stab at providing value – their “Innovation Class”, is so delightfully ironic.

“Innovation Class” pairs an expert in a chosen field with an up-and-comer in the seat next to them. Delta is billing the experience as “a mentoring program at 35,000 feet.”

While I can see the obvious benefit to the newbie, the idea of being seatmates with someone pumping you with questions for hours and hours, well, drink, please.  I am a huge fan of networking, but to me, this feels like an ad in a bathroom stall.  Invasive, annoying and slightly creepy.

Click here to check out Delta’s “Innovation Class” website and please share your thoughts.



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