L.A. Dodgers Play Team Australia

1959324_10152296049769521_202202771_nMLB working double time to bring baseball to Australia. Spent more than $2 million to fly in the perfect baseball turf to convert the cricket pitch to a baseball diamond (diamond surely trumps pitch). Vendors slinging cracker jacks, cokes and ice cream – American managed and a first for Australians who think that actually getting out of your seat is the only option in scoring food or drinks at a game.


1939640_10203355152858779_45952548_oStill – a great match – regardless of the fact Dodgers played their third or fourth string players – the ones whose names weren’t included in the program. You get the picture. Very cool to be present, rooting on my home team, so many miles away.  You can take a girl out of LA but…

Judging by merch sales (sold out of many items before game time), tonight was a big success. Go Aussie baseball.  Me?  I’m just delighted to have my program and keep score.  Very beautiful night and lots of fun.

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