The Ford Farewell Tour

Pool Party!!!

The time has come to celebrate this next great adventure in Stu’s and my lives.  After 16 years together, 15 of them in Los Angeles, its time to head back to where the magic was made – Australia.  Because you can never have just one party, we decided to go with a Farewell Tour.  If Elton John can do it, so can we!  Party #1 – good friends.  There is nothing better in the world than to be surrounded by the love of friends. Thank you all for joining us yesterday. Meant so much to us that you were there.

IMG_2946 IMG_2947 IMG_2949 IMG_2950 IMG_2951 IMG_2952 IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2958 IMG_2961 IMG_2962 IMG_2963 IMG_2964 IMG_2965 JRH & CD jAY & CYNDY LMF & CD

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