Legal Pot Inspires New Kind of Tourism

coloradoThe Nickname Mile High City took on a whole new meaning for Denver last month with a major pot rally and the launch of a tour company dedicated to marijuana-themed treks.

Denver, which hosts about 13 million visitors a year, is likely to attract a few more thanks to an outfit called My 420 Tours, which is believed to be the first U.S. company to specialize in marijuana-oriented travel.

“They got to experience what life was like without looking over their shoulder,” My 420 Tours co-founder Matt Brown said.

My420Tours-CookingClassLast month, My 420 Tours sold out its first excursion, and it’s now planning more frequent tours dedicated to the celebration, growth and consumption of cannabis.  The itinerary featured a visit to Denver’s Native Roots Apothecary, cannabis-growing classes, cooking classes, concerts by musical acts (and noted marijuana proponents) Cypress Hill and Method Man and a trip to the Cannabis Cup, the annual marijuana-growing contest and festival hosted by High Times, a magazine dedicated to the subject of drug use and culture.

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