It’s Everest Summit Season – let the Fights Begin!

EverestEvery May I turn my thoughts north to about 29,000 feet and think enviously about all those slightly insane and super-fit folks that have raised the $100K or so for a shot to summit Everest.  In truth, for more years than I can recall, it has been my obsession to do the same.  When I told my husband this many years ago, he replied, while doing his best to stifle a look of horror and great big guffaw, “maybe you should start with something a little smaller, like a marathon.”  I tackled the marathon, but still, sadly, sit on the sidelines, obsessed with the adventures, triumphs and often, forays into the darker side of human nature that this epic challenge provokes.

The latest Everest summiting story speaks directly to the pressure, idiocy and yes, mammoth ego, that can affect even the most skilled of climbers.  You expect trouble with the increasing number of climbers on the mountain, but you don’t necessarily expect a bar brawl at 24,000 feet between experienced climbers and their sherpas.

Everest: Climbers Steck and Moro in fight with Sherpas

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