Basta! Adventures in Price Gouging in Roma.

article-2320406-19A82F5E000005DC-931_634x349Managers at the bar told the newspaper that the ice creams price was justified as they were large portions.

While taking in the tourist areas under the warm Roman sun, four British travelers got a craving for gelato and a lesson in price gouging.  The group picked up four cones at the Antica Roma ice cream bar at the top of Via della Vite, just off Piazza di Spagna.  Turns out, their cones “‘with two wafers and three flavors'” cost 16 euros each. The total bill – 64 euros!  article-2320406-19A83099000005DC-299_306x333

But to be fair, three scoops in a big cone with two wafers each does seem like a lot of gelato.  Price gouging – maybe.  Porkers – definitely!

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