Hotel Bar Hot List

col-39918-1332355888I always love a good hotel bar.  In fact, I can be a little precious about the topic.  Certainly a good hotel bar should be cool yet cozy.  Good lighting is everything, as is comfy seats and interesting, quirky (but always polite) bartenders & staff.  Loved this article from Jetsetter, compiling their favorite hot hotel bars around the world.  Definitely a few I intend to check out.

“A good hotel bar is equal parts after-hours party pad, deal-making den and sanctuary for a solo nightcap, especially when it’s only an olive’s throw from where you sleep. We’ve selected 12 of our favorite for their scenes and signature drinks. Prop up the bar alfresco-style in Bangkok and Brazil, find the best oceanside spot in Bali and St. Barth, or become part of the city scene in Paris, London Hollywood and NYC. The night is young.”

Click here to see the list.


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