L.A. girl in need of Mexican food fix in Auckland

mexico (1)OK – I confess I might be biased – I am from L.A. so Mexican food is kind of a thing for me. In my travels outside the U.S., barring the obvious Mexico, I have been hardpressed to find anything resembling Mexican food. Only so much mayonnaisey guacamole and bad tortilla chips one can handle.

Full disclosure now satisfied…So…after a week of traveling in Australia & NZ, I was so ready for a good meal. When I arrived in Auckland, I knew something had to give.  Walked from my hotel down Queen Street to Mexico Food & Liquor, in the snappy Britomart area – urban renewal at its buzzy best – fun, chill, low-key, good shopping & restaurants. Got to Mexico early Thursday evening – small little place right on a corner.

Couple things…I concur a bit with previous tripadvisor reviews – staff a little snippy – slightly just slightly precious. I always figure its me, but I feel a bit more validated now that I have heard others with the same concern. I did notice it. The hostess however, a perky blonde if I remember correctly, was a notable exception – when the surly-ish waitress said she couldn’t find me a seat (and gave me a slightly dirty look as I didn’t book in and I must be tragic indeed for having no dinner partner), the hostess took me under her wing and had me seated instantly. Waitresses here, by the way, are easy to spot – look for the large floral growth sprouting from their heads – apparently big silk flower barettes are part of the uniform here.

nice flowers

nice flowers

Started with a Mexico City (I think it was called) Margarita. Served not in a big marg glass or even a short “old-fashioned” glass (which is far preferable for margs, which should NEVER be blended but on the rocks). More like a small juice glass which kinda didn’t work for me, but OK. The margarita was good enough, though at $11, a bit pricey as I knew there would need to be a follow-up to this thimble-sized portion.


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