Memories of Coco Palms Kauai

Coco-Palms KauaiI recently read that beloved and legendary Coco Palms resort and hotel on Kaua’i is still in derelict shape, despite the developer’s intent to re-build, and the numerous fines he’s been forced to pay, as he should, for missing his deadlines and letting that old dame languish in such a deplorable state.  For shame!  All the more heartbreaking given its place in Hawaiiana. Remember, Elvis filmed Blue Hawaii here!  I spent many Easter vacations with my family at the Coco Palms, and can still recite bits of the audio recording – narrated by Mrs Guslander – which played during their famous torch lighting ceremony…”as they did, so many years ago…”

Found this website full of history and photos of the Coco Palms.  The Kauai Historical Society recreated the ceremony.  The link is below.  Many great videos on the old girl, actually.


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