Sunset Marquis Hotel – Preferred Inner Sanctum for the Hip & Happening

“If we were any more Hollywood, our pool would be shallow at both ends…”

This is the tagline for the Sunset Marquis hotel – an establishment that I, as a native Los Angelino, am horrified to admit I have never entered.  Until this week when I was invited to a function at the hotel.  And fell in lust with the secluded little non-descript-from-the-outside oasis nestled within 5 glorious acres just south – spitting distance – from Sunset Blvd.

“The Sunset Marquis has served as a haven for the famous, the infamous (and, occasionally, the indicted) since 1963. It has been ground zero for some truly scandalous gatherings; yet offers opportunities for relaxation to rival even the most decadent luxury hotels.

Located in ever-glamorous West Hollywood, the Sunset Marquis is an oasis in an increasingly raucous world, a serene retreat from the uproar of the nearby Sunset Strip, a sanctuary in which to hide from vengeful former spouses, and so very, very, very much more.

Come. Eat. Drink. Record a power ballad. Rest. And if, as you leave, you want help dodging the paparazzi, we have some time-tested diversionary tactics up our sleeves – all complimentary of course!”

The rock & roll heritage is visible everywhere – great big b&w photographs of Daltrey, Morrissey, Slash line the walls inside and outside.  Not one but two recording studios on property.  Seriously!  Even a guitar gallery showcasing the vibrant history of music through famous instruments like Eddie Van Halen’s classic red and white guitar or BB King’s Lucille 2.

The grounds are funky with a mix of architectural styles, including West Hollywood apartment bldg chic, and small villas.  Lots of meandering pathways with subtle lighting and lots of foliage for discretion lead you to hidden benches and private little niches.

 Alas, I was only there for a couple of hours, but was totally enthralled by the feel of the place – the hidden treasure kind of cool vibe.  And if the hors d’oeuvres are any indication, the food is equally amazing. I look forward to returning.

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