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The Michelin Crew

Fundraising Update – Only $1340 More Needed!!

Please donate so our efforts to squeeze into tight bike shorts and unflattering wetsuits won’t be in vain!


Stuart and I have been training our hearts out for our triathlon coming up September 17, which we are participating in to raise money for AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Looking spiffy (feeling pooped)

The last 4 months have been grueling!  As if participating in this intense physical challenge of the Olympic distance Nautica Malibu triathlon isn’t bad enough, we’ve had to squeeze ourselves into all manner of unflattering athletic garments (WETSUITS and BIKE SHORTS), an experience that is worthy of your donation in and of itself.  I thought the race would kill me, but that’s nothing compared to the horror of trying on bike shorts in a brightly lit dressing room.

To prepare for the triathlon, we have been training 6 days a week.  We have biked over 1000 miles, swam the equivalent of half-way to Catalina, and run over countless miles of pavement, dirt and sand.  As much as I would love to say its all been a walk in the park, I can’t.  Its been intense and scary.  We doubt ourselves every single day, and every single day we lament that there’s no conceivable way we can do this thing.  And yet, we keep going.

Honoring Bill – and so many others

“Bill is why we’re doing this.”

As challenging and time consuming as this process is, we made the commitment to participate in honor of my friend Bill de Lury, who died 18 years ago of AIDS and who, as many of you know, Cooper is named after.  I know in my heart that being with Bill, taking care of him and easing his fears through those last few months helped him to pass on. So, APLA and all the work they are doing to support people living with HIV is extremely important to me.


The race is 2 weekends away but the fundraising deadline is NOW!

Turquoise Shut up and TRI bracelet

We are so close to reaching our fundraising goal, and need all of you to please

Pink Shut up and TRI bracelet

help us reach our minimum.  We only need $1340 and we’re there. Remember that donations are tax-deductible!  And we have a nifty SHUT UP AND TRI rubber bracelet we’ll give you for donating, too!

So if you wanted to support us and haven’t yet –  please please do so now.  And special thanks to those that support us every time we reach out.  Thank you to all!!



Swim Course – 1.5K

Bike Course – 40K








Run Course – 10K

“Honey, remind me why we’re doing this?”

Enthusiastic thumbs-up!

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