The Journey of the Traveling Dinner Rolls

ARRIVAL FEET - no comment necessary

In my 40s, I began to notice that when I traveled anywhere with even a slightly humid climate, my digits would swell up like balloons.  Now, for some reason the hands are OK, but the feet – oh the feet!  Dinner rolls.  Sometimes even hamburger buns.  The big poofy kind.  Very off-putting (off-footing?) and an indication of what that day is going to look like.  Here’s a chronicle of the expansion and thankfully, contraction, of my Bali feet.


DAY 2 - Jimbaran - Much improved and remaining hopeful

DAY 3 - Ubud - the yeast is rising

DAY 4 - Seminyak - a little more under control

NIGHT 6 - after clubbing - NOT GOOD - note strap marks from new sandals

DAY 7 - Seminyak - swollen and hung over from big night out


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