24 hours to go and still counting

The Ford’s foray to Bali, testing their physical stamina, relationship-building skills and freakish swelling effects on feet and hands.


8:30 PM Wednesday – Los Angeles

Stu and I are heading to Bali.  The countdown clock officially started when we left the house.  First leg is a 14-hour flight from LAX to Taiwan.  Even before we board, we are slightly crispy due to the late hour of the flight and sufficient intake of pre-flight beverages.  Flight drags on and on.  Finally land in Taiwan, where we spend 5 hours in lovely Taipei airport (yes – I NEED these Swarovski crystal earrings. Yes, I NEED that cute Apple AIR computer).  First name basis with the Duty Free workers who consider my enthusiasm at 6AM as quite-possibly possessed.

Lifesize Puppet in Taipei

1:44 PM Friday.  Somewhere over Indonesia.  I think.

Sitting now on 5-hour flight to Bali – 2 ½ hrs in.  Are we there yet?  I mean, really.  Are we there yet?  Looking out the window – colorwashed blue sky with a thin layer of scattered, fluffy clouds.  Below us is KL.  Somewhere.  I think.  I am immediately struck by the restorative powers of sunlight, as it streams through the windows of my window seat.  Based on these last 24 hours, my body must be completely vitamin D deprived (depraved?).  I’ve gone from home to car to office to car to home to car to airport to plane to airport to plane.  I have had about as much proximity to the great outdoors as a shut-in or a Chernobyl resident post-blast.  In other words, not much.

With any luck, we should touch down in Denpasar soon and safely, and met at the gate by our friendly representative of Bali VIP Services, who will whisk us quickly and efficiently through immigration, leaving a plane load of anxious, cranky travelers in our wake.  That’s the plan, anyway.  I find these days that my travel expectations are slightly lessened, which I wholly attribute to a recent visit to Cuba, where nothing goes as planned – even the plan doesn’t go as planned.  At this stage in the game, all you can do is pray for supreme patience, a good mental attitude and a baggage claim that yields desirable results.

Somewhere over Indonesia

Noodles in Taipei

I am happy to report that our relationship is in tact, though in looking at this photo, we look like we have aged exponentially.  More to follow…






Typical People of Taiwan



Hello Kitty bathroom in Taipei airport







Hello Kitty pay phones in Taipei airport










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  1. KoKo Fazendin
    April 28, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    The flight is tooo long. Where’s your moisturizer? All in all you and Stu look great. Come home.

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