Hyatt at the Bellevue – Philadelphia – Old World Fabulous with Ghosts!

19th Floor & Cupola

Ensconced in Philadelphia.  Staying at the Hyatt at the Bellevue.  What a great find!  When was the last time you were in a cupola?  19th floor.  30′ ceiling.  Wrap around balcony.  360-degree views.  I had the whole place furnished in my mind – couch there.  Conversation pit there.  Beaux arts building – grand.  Original marble hand tiled floor (1904).  Original Edison lights.

Terrace with 360-degree view – 19 floors up!

Tattered a bit, but character for days.  Great ghost stories.  Debutante got too rowdy and tried to slide down banister to her demise.  Apparently still walks the stairs.  Had a good poke around tonight.  They were kind enough to leave ballroom doors unlocked.  Walked in one that had balconies and stage.  Soooo fabulous.  Reminds me of growing up when we would take over a hotel and play sardines at night.  Best time ever!  Great neighborhood, too.  Block from Union League.  2 blocks from Anthropologie.  Great running – Yo Adrienne!  The steps are right here!  Fun!

Bar on 19th Floor

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