Dining Dans le Noir – Oui or Non?

Dark Dining Wait Staff in Hong Kong

I have been Dancing in the Dark with Bruce Springsteen.  I consider myself often in the dark – sometimes as a result of a teenage son who won’t share information, sometimes when it comes to convoluted political processes.  And now, I want to dine in the dark.

Dans le Noir, a successful Paris-based restaurant chain, has capitalized on offering a pitch-black dining experience that is meant to engage all the senses.  The whole thing appeals to me on a visceral and slightly intimidating level.  Like a gastronomic adrenalin rush.

Dans le Noir is truly pitch black.  The wait staff is blind, thus eminently more suited for the experience than your average diner, who tends to spill wine and miss whole food items on his plate.  Dining is communal – which apparently makes for a free-flowing conversation and bonding experience.  Menus are selected ahead of time, and color-coded – red for meat; green for vegetarian; blue for seafood; and white for the supreme je ne sais quoi meal.

What is also interesting, is the fact that whenever this topic has come up in conversation, men immediately and strongly say Non to the dark dining experience.  The women, however, are enthusiastic to experience the sensations.  I am looking forward to dinner at Opaque, in L.A, where I can experience this dining trend first hand.  I’ll be dining with girlfriends, of course.

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Dark Dining in Melbourne, Australia

Dining in the Dark - NYC

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