Eat Pray Love Buy – Tie-Ins and the Art of Commercial Exploitation

Dear Lizzie,

Today USA Today weighed in on the commercialism that has become Eat Pray Love. I have decided a more fitting name for the book is Eat Pray Love Buy, which I think, you have to admit Liz, is better than Eat Pray Love Die.

‘Eat Pray Love’ is already at a store near you –

Luca Spaghetti! I know you’re giddy with all the excitement, and the potential sales through HSN (need a little help, Lizard, as to the connection with HSN other than to go mass market) but it’s time to attraversiamo, head home and focus on the sequel.  No tie-ins, please!

Your slightly less devoted (but still devoted) devotée…


Author of the soon to be released Drink Write Swear

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