Where the Mind Goes, the Body Will Follow

Come Springtime, my head goes into wanderlust mode – no particular time or place – just conjures up ideas – historical or sentimental – vague notions of travel that remind me how vital getting out and about is in my life.

Recent daydreams have had me traveling with Lawrence of Arabia, both in our white djlabas, slowly streaming down dunes of sand.  From here, I zip to Cairo in the year 1922.  Possibly catch a ride in that fabulous yellow bi-plane that Ralph Fiennes flew poor (dead) Kristin Scott.  I imagine Cairo would have been pretty amazing in the 20s, with the richness of Henry Carter’s discovery and the impact it was to have, no doubt, on the world.

I could go on for days – mentally travel across the globe, with the most exotic, erudite, fascinating people of all time, to experience events and and times forever lost but not forgotten.

As I was looking at gorgeous ikat quilts in Australian Vogue Living the other day, off I went again.  Straight into the page to Turkey and Morocco.  Clearly I was ready for another exploration.  I remarked on this to Stuart, who promptly sent me a steady stream of destination ideas to take me out of the mind (out of my mind?) and into the thick of things.

A couple of highlight trip descriptions to follow…

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