Shout Out to Johnny Depp Stalkers With A Couple of Dablooms

To all the die-hard Captain Jack Sparrow stalkers, oops, fans out there – you know who you are.  How much do you really love him? Enough to swim up to his yacht in the middle of the night, sneak up the rigging and lie in the bed, the very bed, he sleeps in? Well, now you can.

As of this season, the world’s most famous pirate is renting out his superyacht. And, unlike most superyachts, it’s not a monstrous gin palace. For starters, there’s no pool and no helipad on the Vajoliroja. (If you’re a stalker with a helicopter, you’ll have to land it elsewhere.) Although it was built in 2001, it has the look of a classy 1930s steam yacht. You will have to contend with Depp’s interior design, which is somewhere between a fin de siècle Parisian bordello and an Agatha Christie novel, but there’s a Wii tucked away in one of the drawers if the role-playing gets out of hand.

Before you book, there is one tiny drawback: the cost. A week in Johnny’s bed with nine of your closest friends (in other beds) starts at £73,000 with Burgess Yacht Charters (020 7766 4300, That includes snorkelling equipment, but not Johnny Depp, so it may be more practical to rent Pirates of the Caribbean and a dinghy.

via Rent Captain Sparrow’s ship -Times Online.

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  1. May 8, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Besides, I hear he does not bath very often and the sheets might be a little stinky!

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