Living the Ex-Pat Dream in Milan

I have known Melanie for over 20 years.  We hung out together when we both lived in NY.  Then hung out when we both lived in Venice.  She is a colorful girl, at minimum, with the greatest stories ever.  She’s worked for the French Film Institute in New York (fluent in five langues, I think).  Sold jeans for cabfare in Moscow.  Worked as personal assistant for a penultimate European royal family (no names, but some very good stories).  She landed in Italy several years ago, worked for Cartier in Capri, and things just took off from there.

She has been Managing Editor of GQ Magazine Italia, and last year, started up her own Personal Shopping & Styling services,, catering to tourists visiting the city, corporate wives, stylish friends and business women looking to lift their game, Italian-style.  Her taste and sense of style, as with her connections, have always been impeccable.  She is funny as hell, crazy as a loon (best possible way – though…) and sharp as a tack – no surprise, given both her parents were, seriously, rocket scientists.  Girl from Los Alamos makes good in Milan, Italy.

For more information on Melanie, click here. When visiting Milan, you must hire her for an afternoon.  Her take on the fashion scene will be second-to-none – informative and entertaining, likely with a celeb or designer sighting.

Recently, Melanie co-presented the Milan version of Fashion Ave. with Jodie Kidd.   Click Melanie Payge in Fashion Ave. to see the video.

I look forward to seeing her soon!

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