British Vogue – Traveling in Sublime Style Series – South Africa

British Vogue gets it right every time.  The June 2011 issue, with its fashion stories cataloged by destination (or lifestyle), appeals to every aspect of my ramshackle chic sensibility – great, effortless style with just the slightest undercurrent of boho artistry (with the budget of landed gentry).

The collections – from California surfer girl to die-hard Africa enthusiast, are so well thought out, the photography so fabulous – the aspirational destinations and lifestyles so ripe,  I defy even the most jaded fashionista (or denimista, as I am) not to weep openly in deep, soulful appreciation.

I feel compelled to feature my favorites over the next couple of days – beginning with British Vogue’s take on traveling in South Africa.  Note the familiar and ohhhh so fabulous  – Globe Trotter luggage again – workmanship and style to make you moan with desire (refer to my earlier aticle “Hello Lover – Its all about the Suitcase.” and, oh yeah, my own battered orange suitcase.  I am an unabashed fan.).

Sublime. Seriously. Sublime.

Must Have List

Globe-Trotter Luggage

Office Sandals

Daks Silk Shirt

Mother of Pearl Swimsuit

Holland & Holland Straw Hat

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