Cool, Evocative and Hypnotic – the Musical Stylings of Lal Meri

Everyone needs to listen to this music.  Click here to hear Lal Meri’s “Bad Tbings”.

I found them on “Music is Eclectic”, about 2 years ago, and immediately downloaded their CD to itunes.  Have been a huge fan ever since.  Have even sung the praises of Lal Meri in previous posts.  Saw them perform in Santa Monica in December and was transfixed, though had been transfixed for about a year before.  Non stop.  Seriously smitten.

Had a lovely conversation with Ireesh, with all good intent to help provide some marketing push.  Typically, life dialed things up exponentially, and my plate got really full.  Felt horrible – particularly given how naturally talented this trio is.   Hip and eclectic.  Evocative, mellow and transportive.  Have a listen.

And Ireesh, if you’re out there, contact me.  I will help in any way I can.

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