Fabrik Magazine – A Staple in the LA Arts Community

While working the LA Art Show last week, I met a group of really great people, affiliated with Fabrik Magazine – a 2-year old small-format magazine widely distributed in the LA Area.  This is a magazine that supports local artists and galleries, and they appear to be loved in return.

“FABRIK magazine covers Los Angeles art, design, architecture, and fashion in a manner as distinctive as it is thorough. A journal of lively coverage and commentary on the art and design scene(s) in America’s new cultural capital, Fabrik also provides extensive directories that list all – all – the best local outlets for new forms, ideas, and expressions in diverse media and disciplines.”

We were invited to attend the closing of their Project One: 5 Artists exhibit last night, and would happily go to anything they put on.  The taste of artists showing was vast, with something for most tastes.  We happen to really like the people involved with Fabrik, and look forward to supporting them in their upcoming endeavors.

December 5, 2009 – January 30, 2010
This exhibit contains work by emerging and established contemporary artists.  We were impressed!


In addition to the video installation pieces by Matteo, which will blow your mind – completely sensoral as you look at a beautiful, organic wood base with glass squares through which a custom video plays, showing images and colors that draw you in.  And in.  Brilliant, artist.  You will see his pieces on a much larger scale in hip hotels and restaurants all around the world.  I guarantee it.

Leaning a little more on the side of slightly off-beat, we both really like Randall Ingalls photographs.

Randall Ingalls


A fine art photographer based in Petaluma, California. Randall graduated from Art Center College of Design and set up his studio in an old church, he and his wife bought and renovated. His emphasis is fine art photography with leanings towards editorial print.

Luc Leestemaker

Luc Leestemaker was born in the Netherlands and moved to the US in 1990. Living and working in the US created a stylistic journey that would take him from early inspiration by the CoBrA movement; through densely abstract expressionist compositions; to the “Inner Landscape” and “Transfigurations” Series, inspired both by Mark Rothko and 17th and 18th Century Dutch and English landscape painters (notably Constable, Ruysdael, Van Goyen). Recently he has also exhibited newly abstracted series of works, titled “Voyager” and “Map of the Wind.”

Mark Brosmer

Raised in Indiana, Mark Brosmer now resides in Los Angeles where he creates paintings that depict fascinating dreamscapes: a world where the real and unreal fill the canvas equally. Brosmer is an artist whose work consciously reflects the elements of earth, air and water. These poetic illusions stretch the imagination and welcome contemplation. The simplicity of each work is expressed with clarity but at the same time encourages the mind to explore beautiful and entertaining visual puzzles.

Alexandra Becket
Textile Artist

Alexandra Becket creates one-of-a kind hand-painted fabric wall hangings, inspired by modernist architecture and the landscape of California.  Alexandra was born and raised in Los Angeles, from a family rooted in design and architecture.  Her grandfather, architect Welton Becket, designed some of Los Angeles’s most iconic buildings, including Capitol Records,  the LAX Theme and many others.

Steven Janssen

Steven Janssen was born in Los Angeles and loved to draw since the age of four. Always doodling and never paying attention in class, he quickly developed a passion for the arts. In school he won numerous awards for student exhibits, and participated in his first formal group show at, then, the Otis Parsons School of Design in 1983. Moving on to college, Steven graduated with a B.F.A in life drawing and painting as his focus, from Cal State University Long Beach in 1994. Having worked in the art department for a small production company gave Janssen the opportunity to create works for Showtime, TLC, ABC and The Golden Globes. His works have also shown in numerous exhibits at galleries, in tv shows, and feature films.

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