Last Minute Xmas Gift – Foster an Elephant

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a remarkable organization that rescues orphan elephants and rhinos in Kenya.  The work they are doing is heart wrenching, and the faces of these creatures will totally compel you to assist in their care.  Many of the elephants have been harmed or orphaned by poachers, and are very nearly dead when they arrive.  You can select which elephant or rhino you would like to foster, and read their “Orphan Profile”, which will quite possibly break your heart.

For a minimum donation of $50, you can foster an elephant and know you are aiding in its recovery.  Fosterparents receive monthly updates on the progress of their orphan elephant along with monthly watercolour paintings of the orphans, all via email. The idea is that these can be printed off and a journal be kept of progress of your elephant and its reintegration back into the wild.  That is what is truly unique about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust project, each of these orphans will eventually lead wild lives again.  Through fostering, we can be part of that rewarding process.

We have just fostered Shukuru – which in Swahili means “I am grateful”.  I hope to meet her one day.

Shukuru getting her bottle

Shukuru getting her bottle

Our baby Shakuru - 3 days old and very sick

Our baby Shukuru – 3 days old and very sick

Shukuru playing with friends

Shukuru playing with friends

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  1. December 24, 2009 at 10:37 am

    What a wonderful thing to do. Can leap in after my next closing,which will be awhile.


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