Paolo Nutini – Toe-Tapping Traveling Music – Have A Listen

Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini

In keeping with the musical theme of global influence – yet another toe-tapping song to load onto your ipod. For those who may not know Paolo Nutini (no, not nutella), he’s an addictive though decidedly- odd combination.  Italian by name;  Scotsman by birth; and 1930s African-American scat singer by soul and style – all nestled into the body of an angelic-looking 22-year old kid from Paisley, Scotland.    When he opens his mouth to sing, you would swear you were listening to Louis Armstrong or Cab Calloway.  I defy anyone not to be charmed by his sense of musical whimsy and totally blown away by his talent.  This is a ripe old soul with a cool groove.

Pencil Full of Lead – my favorite track from his new album, Sunnyside Up, is guaranteed to make you smile.

Pencil Full of Lead


1 comment for “Paolo Nutini – Toe-Tapping Traveling Music – Have A Listen

  1. Brenda Cibelli
    February 5, 2011 at 6:49 am

    love Paolo– not only is he a hunk—, but good music too!!!

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