Lal Meri – A Seductive Sound that Transports Body and Soul


The words “Lal Meri” in Hindi convey a great adoration, affection and belief to inspire a people to smile through the best and most troubled of times.  I was immediately struck by Lal Meri’s sound months ago when their debut album of the same name was featured on NPR. Driving in the car, it instantly grabbed my attention with its hypnotic yet catchy world fusion sound and eclectic style. I have not been able to get enough of Lal Meri ever since.

Their music is a melding of  global influences; it’s breathy and bohemian and seductive. It’s the sort of thing you can listen to over and over and just sink into.  The melodies are sensual and groovy.  The vibe is decidedly Indian, with rich, “honey and sand” provocative vocals complimented by distinctive instrumentals, all against a pop beat.

This talented LA-based trio, consisting of Nancy Kaye, Ireesh Lal and Carmen Rizzo, has created an inspired blend of musical flavors.  I am completely hooked.  Give it a listen.

Lal Meri

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