Hello, Lover! It’s All About the Suitcase

Hellooo, Lover!

Hellooo, Lover!

Few things in this world impress me to the point that I am unable to articulate decipherable words.   Funnily enough, the two things that come to mind both herald from distinguished British institutions.  The first is my husband Stuart and the second is the Centenary Collection from renowned British luggage maker Globe-Trotter.

Both examples represent the best of British tradition – size, strength, brilliant, elegant, understated, soft yet rugged, always in good taste and an excellent traveling companion.

Synonymous with great British design, Globe-Trotter is the very definition of handmade luxury luggage.  A modern-day classic, the Globe-Trotter suitcase has offered  functionality with drop-dead design details to generations past and present.   The quality and craftsmanship is stunning and legendary.  The aesthetic immediately hearkens back to a bygone era in which people traveled very well.  And as is often the case, good taste and classic style easily trump the test of time, making them even more alluring for today’s global nomads.

Globe-Trotter’s Centenary collection in orange is truly exquisite, possibly requiring me to change my name from battered orange suitcase to breathtaking orange suitcase.  Needless to say, it will be in my dreams.

Globe-Trotter Hand Made Luxury Luggage

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