Bamboo Taxis – Eco Chic Meets Gilligan’s Island

Is it a car or is it a traveling hut? Either way, this is an excellent fusion of form and function, with an eye to conservation.  For any Gilligan’s Island fans out there – this just goes to show the professor was way ahead of his time.bamboo taxi 1bamboo taxi 2bamboo taxi 4bamboo taxi 5bamboo taxi 6bamboo taxi 7bamboo taxi 8

MANILA – Residents of Tabonton municipality in Leyte thought up a “green solution” for their transport problems by crafting bamboo cars.

The cars or “bamboo taxis” were commissioned by Tabontabon Mayor Dr. Rustico Balderian, reportedly to address the municipality’s need for an alternative mode of transportation to the oft-used but accident-prone “habal-habal” or motorcycle.

The bamboo taxis, assembled by local out-of-school youth, are equipped with a 2-cylinder engine that runs on coconut biofuel, a gallon of which can make the cars run for about 8 hours.

The vehicles are made with 90% bamboo, a strong but flexible grass.

The entire vehicle, apart from dashboard components and mechanical parts, are covered with colorfully designed “banigs” or handwoven rattan mats.

Various reports state that there are 2 bamboo vehicles called Eco 1 and Eco 2. They vary only in seating capacity and design as Eco 1 can seat 20 people while Eco 2 can accommodate 8.

According to an Inquirer report, neighboring mayors have already expressed interest in having bamboo taxis in their own towns. The report said Balderian is also considering mass-producing the novel car.

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Bamboo Taxis in Manila

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