Sambo the Elephant Greets Diners in Phnom Penh


Anyone who has visited Phnom Penh will be familiar with Sambo, the gorgeous 49-year old girl who toddles into town everyday from Wat Phnom for her morning bath, and toddles back.  I encountered her for the first time last month, when I was in PP and out for my morning run.  The juxtaposition of seeing an elephant lope down a busy street was somewhat of a shock for me, though no more so than seeing the Tai Chi practitioners in front of the Royal Palace side by side the Achy Breaky Dance class.  I quickly fell in love with Sambo, and visited her at her home in Wat Phnom, so was tickled to see this article in the Phnom Penh Post last week.

‘Waiter! I said one elephant BEER’ | Multimedia | The Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s Newspaper of Record.

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