More Good News for Cambodia’s Tourism Market

Monks Making their Daily Rounds in Phnom Penh

Monks Making their Daily Rounds in Phnom Penh

It was  just announced yesterday the Crescendas Group, a Singaporean consortium representing 21 companies, is looking to sink between $30 and $50 million into tourism in Cambodia.

According to Delegation Head Delegation head Lawrence Leow, deputy honorary secretary of the Singapore Business Federation, “We see the progress, very steady progress in the country…The people are very warm, and the government is very helpful; I think it is good for foreign investments.”

“It depends on the project but I will invest in Cambodia. I’m coming back very soon … to continue my discussion,” he said.

Singapore group eyes investments – The Phnom Penh Post

I’m not at all surprised by all of this investment.  Cambodia is an amazing place, diverse, soulful, rich in culture.  There are many personalities of the country – something for everyone!

Phnom Penh is well on its way to being a very urbane destination, with chic hotels, all manner of bars and restaurants, art galleries, great shops, and diverse population.

Siem Reap, with its tall palm trees and lazy river, has a great feel to it, rounded out by a variety of hotels and a buzzing night life.  Angkor Wat – not really much to say other than the temples will make a profound impression on you.

In the south, the coastal towns  of Kep and Sihanoukville offer a sense of privacy and escape that many people equate to Phuket 30 years ago.  Kep,  the quieter, sleepier of the two areas, with its abandoned French Colonial villas, magnificent in their day, and its amazing, melt-in-your-mouth crab.  Sihanoukville  is more lively and built-up, but the beaches are definitely worth the trip.

Now is the time to visit, no doubt about it.

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